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Headquartered in Dundrum, Dublin, Global Diagnostics has grown to be one of the leading providers of quality diagnostic services to the HSE, National Screening Service and NHS and in 2015 partook in the care of over 300,000 patients.

We design radiology service solutions based on the immediate and long term needs of our healthcare clients and are currently providing radiology solutions to 11 NIMIS hospitals across Ireland in addition to our accredited private and primary care services.

The award winning Global solution is built on solid value stream workflows developed over our 17 years in business and from a management team with a combined 50 years plus of healthcare provision experience. Our team has grown to over 90 people in Ireland, made up of industry experts who are passionate about innovative healthcare specifically designed around the needs of the patient.

Solutions can include the provision of radiologist reporting services, imaging services provided by radiographers and sonographers, RIS PACS solution, waiting list initiatives or the provision of a full radiology managed service solution.

For more information contact General Manager, Caroline Byrne on 086 1502640.

We Provide:

Radiologist Reporting Services

Global Diagnostics has a team of 13 IMC registered and Irish based Consultant Radiologists allowing us to provide a quality assured and dedicated radiology reporting service as a stand alone service or as part of the clients managed service requirements.

Global Diagnostics Reporting Services solution includes:

  • Designated Consultant Radiologist from a list of approved radiologists agreed between the client and Global Diagnostics. All Radiologists CV's, MPS and IMC registrations are provided as part of the accreditation to the Hospital / client site during the engagement preparation
  • Guaranteed 365 day a year access to a consultant radiologist with no down time or reduction in services as a result of holidays, illness etc
  • Protocolling support for all examinations referred to client radiology departments as required
  • Consultant Radiologist report on all studies
  • Contracted times for return of reports based on clinical acuity and hospital contractual requirements
  • Real time communication of critical, urgent and clinically significant results using a closed loop process
  • A quality assurance framework from an accredited award winning provider with a proven track record of providing quality services to the HSE and private sector

Imaging Services Provided by Radiographers and Sonographers

RIS PACS Solutions

Waiting List Initiatives

Full Radiology Managed Service Solutions